Real Wedding: Margot + Patrick

Thank goodness brides like videographers. And thank goodness we have some really good ones down here in the Panhandle! This video had an 8mm effect in it---which I love, love, love!

Celia at Hilton Head Productions recently posted Margot + Patrick's Alys Beach wedding, and it's as cute as it can be. I love how Patrick swooshes Margot up in that big gown and sits her right in the back seat of the Model A! Good stuff! Oh--and the gloves and head band Margot wore. Serious style child.

Oh, and that's Mr. Chris in the back of the Model A. He's the owner, and drives it for the night. Of course, he usually assists the bride getting in. As we can see, Patrick had that part covered.

PS--This is a Jennifer Warwick-Lewis, of It's a "Shore" Thing Wedding & Events, wedding. Amazing, as usual.

The Look of Love A Very Special Alys Beach Wedding from Celia Hilton on Vimeo.

Real Wedding: Laura + Josh

Laura (the bride) really, R-e-a-lly wanted a white/cream colored car for the wedding day. I spoke with her long before we found Mr. Al and the Packard. We searched high and low for her which was probably the reason I made the emergency U-turn in the middle of Hwy. 98, but that's another story. Finally--finally, we found the Packard, and boy was it a hit!

While I like to stick to car news, I just couldn't resist this picture collage from Candice K. Anyone want to join me? "I wear my sunnn--glasses at night, so I can, so I can..." I hear you singing--it's ok.

Run over to Candice's blog to see more pics. Bentley's on the Bay is a venue in the Florida Panhandle that we all love! The Wedding Willow Tree is terrific, and so is the service from the on-site coordinating team there.

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