Tampa's in the H-O-U-S-E

So you probably already know how excited we were yesterday about the Wedding Chicks feature. Today, we are equally excited to add Cory and his cars to our Tampa roster.

He's offering a ride in his 1964 Corvette Race Car:

Make : Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Year : 1964
Color: Silver/Gray with Racing details
Location: Tampa, FL

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A 1957 Chevy:

Make : Chevy
Model: Coupe
Year : 1957
Color: Pink & White
Location: Tampa, FL

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And last but not least, Cory will have a replica of the General Lee car in the near future. Probably something that looks a little like this:

Whatcha think about that one?

Photo credit: Angela Sackett, Loving Legacy Photography

Wedding Chicks Feature

Hey All! I've been waiting on pins & needles to publish this post! After speaking with photographer, Angela Sackett of Loving Legacy Photography, we agree this match was meant to be!

Out of the blue, a fella named Cory emailed me a link to his and Caitlin's "Apres de Mariage" Photo Shoot (sorta like Apres Ski, but without the snow or skis) with their own vintage cars. He was thinking he might like to be on our roster for Tampa brides. Cool. I clicked on the link. Normally wedding folks say things like 'I love' or 'I swoon.' For me, it was more like 'I drool.'

Of course, I immediately drafted up an email to the photographer, asking ever so politely if I could please, please, please submit this to Jocey at the Wedding Chicks. It just screemed Wedding Chicks to me. Well, Angela had been thinking that same thought ALL along. {She shares my somewhat over-the-top enthusiasm for vintage-ness and weddings, so we clicked immediately!} Turns out, the email from Cory wasn't so random either. Angela had been telling him to contact us!

So, without further ado (or lengthy, excited, story-telling)...check out the post on Wedding Chicks...


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