Cherry Red & White Chevy Bel Air

You're gonna have to have a lot of style to ride away in this one, ladies. I mean, it's Cherry Red, it's shiny and it's a convertible. It's meant for a specific girl--sassy, gorgeous, confident, with a side of attitude. And you might need to buy a scarf to tie around your coiffure, because this car will G O.

This model of the Chevy Bel Air is known as the 2nd Generation Bel Air, and was made from '55-'57. Apparently, enthusiasts call it the "Hot One." I'll say.

Make : Chevy
Model: Bel Air Convertible
Year : 1957
Color: Red & White
Location: Tampa, FL

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p u r p l e = f u n

I'll have to admit, when Emily presented this car to me, I wasn't sure what it was. After researching online, looking at pictures and reading the story behind the car, all I can say is...this is no ordinary Ford Vicky!

The owners have given special attention to each and every detail. It's sleek and stylish, and meant for the bride and groom who want to kick it up a little for their Grand Exit.

Make : Ford
Model: Vicky
Year : 1933
Color: Purple Metallic
Location: Panama City Beach, FL
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Mine was a red tandom bike for two with black flames across the top, complete with a homemade sign and painted cans. Do you know how hard it is to ride a tandom bike in a wedding dress? point is that whatever mode of transportation you've selected, you can gussy it up with a decorating kit!

t a k e a p e e k

Next Friday, April 30 is the deadline.

DailyCandy featured our Vintage Decorating Kits

We're hootin' and hollarin' over here at ABR! How fun was it to be included in a little write up about how to personalize your wedding by

Daily Candy is a favorite subscription of mine---for the illustrations (of course!), but also for the fun, fabulous finds and the narrative. I admit, I've gotten carried away and signed up for the Atlanta, NY and DC feeds just in case I was traveling to those areas!

Our little mention is a little further down with Smitten Sticks:

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