Decorating Kits almost R-e-a-d-y!

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring this Sneak Peek of our Custom Decorating Kits to you! A Bride's Ride has been working with three super creative, super sweet, very talented ladies for the last month on designing, organizing, and photographing our Custom Decorating Kits. Each kit will contain a flower garland with ribbon, a word banner (Just Married, Hitched, etc.), and a set of white painted cans with a decorative belly band. For now, we have 6 color themes in each category, and you'll be able to mix and match to your heart's content!

Our product photographer, Ashley Livingston, sent me these to choose a post-production finish. What do you guys think?

The colors look really clear in the first two photographs--might be better to see the product.

But I like the vintagy feel of the last two photographs! FYI--this car is a '53 Limo! Isn't that cool?!

I feel a contest give-away coming on when we get the Shop button installed, don't you guys?! :)

P.S. Thank you Julia for designing the cutest Decorating Kits e-v-e-r and making them *Exclusive* to us, Ashley for shooting them in your own unique style which is just what I wanted, and Susie for patiently waiting for me to get it together to finish our Shop button! {If you have any graphic design/blog/website needs--Susie is the go-to girl!! Now offering 20% off projects booked now with a start date in 2010. She's simply amazing.}

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