Decorating your vintage car

We’ve all seen the tin cans and fluffy puffs that have decorated wedding cars for eons (I’m a fan of both!). Today, the options seem endless. We all know that when you’re looking for something handmade, unique, or vintage, there’s no place like Etsy.
Here are my favorite Etsy finds to spruce up your sweet ride.

Wallspoken Weddings makes vinyl art to decorate walls, dancefloors, cars…just about anything. Custom monogram or quotes are available in 50 colors, are easy to apply and remove from any surface and 10% of the proceeds go to childhood cancer research.

“Just Married” banners abound on Etsy, so I’m confident you can find one that suits your wedding style. I like the clothespin touch on this “I Love You” banner that can easily be customized to say what you’d like. It’s made by Love Letter Collage.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but this sunny one seemed special with the couple’s initials in the center. Check out the Earmark Gatherings shop for more.

Did I mention I love soda cans? These white cans with colorful ribbons are from Wedding So Sweet. Or, follow these instructions and make your own!

Crepe paper pompoms seem like a fresh, modern take on those plastic flowers that were popular in the 80s. I love the idea of using them in garland form to decorate a car. Assorted colors for a white car or all-white for something with a bright paint job. Don’t hate me for suggesting it if it rains! These ones are from Party Poms.

Of course Martha shows how it's done.

All photos from Etsy except the last photo, from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Meet the ladies behind the wheel!

Necessity is the mother of all invention, they say. Oprah says to find your passion and make that your work. If she only knew. If she only knew the journey that has brought me to this place…A Bride’s Ride. A smile crosses my face as I write that. I have these buddies from way back in my college days who have had to endure countless (I really do mean countless) business ideas. Heck, even my newer friends have had to sit through a few too many spiels. The "necessity" part of that quote above happened when my Two Fishes Artistry bridal clients kept asking me for vintage car referrals. I wanted to find someone in my area who could help these ladies. After all, planning a destination wedding isn't exactly easy.

Sadly, the search wasn’t as much fun as you would think. The websites were so man-ly! They weren’t laid out nicely and they certainly did not cater to brides. So, here we are at the "invention" part. I saw a need and then I found a partner, Bridget, and now we’re driving off into the sunset. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Actually we’re not. We’re super busy finding interesting getaway car topics and beautifully photographed weddings with vintage cars and trucks.

You’re in for such a treat with Bridget’s blog posts. She’s a funny, talented writer with a wonderfully sweet spirit. She’ll be doing a lot of research and posting on the blog, whereas I will be taking care of administrative duties.

We’ll be adding drivers in every state as quickly as we can find qualified drivers and vintage cars. In the meantime, call us if you don’t see your state listed. We’ll do our very best to help you!

For brides looking for the coolest Car Decorating Kits around--click on Shop. We have an Etsy artist making super neat flower garlands, word banners and painted cans exclusively for A Bride's Ride. While there are lots of goodies to choose from, custom requests are most welcome.

Warmest wishes brides-to-be,

Back in October 2007, my then-boyfriend of 6 or so years proposed to me on the top of Whistler Mountain. (He’s an avid skier – I’m not. I realize now this was likely to ensure future ski vacations would be seen as “romantic”.) Our timing has been a bit unconventional; after spending a few years apart for medical and dental school we were about to embark on three long years of very long distance for residency and graduate school. We decided to plan our wedding for September 2010, when we can finally start a life together.

Obviously, it’s been a long engagement. Wedding planning (and blogging) has been my happy distraction in the meantime. I feel lucky to have chronicled our planning, and to have had great input from readers along the way. You can catch up on our journey to the alter (with puppy in tow) at And Stanley makes three…!

When Renee asked if I would be interested in helping with A Bride’s Ride I couldn’t imagine turning down the chance to be part of such a clever and rewarding endeavor! I really believe that the details you put into your wedding can help to personalize your day. I hope that we can help unite creative, fun couples with classic, fantastic cars! As my vintage-VW-bug-obsessed fiancĂ© will tell you, the best wedding photos always involve a great car.

I can’t wait to bring you more information on finding, photographing, decorating and making the most of your vintage car! If there is one thing I’ve learned about wedding planning it’s to enjoy the ride!

What is A Bride's Ride?

A Bride’s Ride connects brides with vintage car owner-drivers across the nation.

For Brides:
If you are looking for a vintage car for your Grand Exit vehicle, click your state listed on the right side column. There you’ll find each vehicle available for rent with the owner as the driver. At the bottom of your favorite vehicle post, you’ll see a “Book This Ride” button which takes you to A Bride’s Ride Booking Inquiry Form. If you aren’t sure which vehicle you want, need advice or guidance, give us a ring. Most vehicles rent for $250 for the first hour within a 30-mile radius, and include the owner-driver’s service of driving you from the reception site to your hotel. Other fees apply if you would like the car available for photographs pre-ceremony.

The booking process is simple. Once you decide on a vehicle, we take note of the driver’s expected arrival time and location, delivery time and location and any stops you’d like to make along the way. Full payment is required at the time of booking, and a receipt with details regarding your booking is sent to you via email after payment is received.

Since these vehicles are show cars kept in meticulous condition, most drivers do not allow drinks, food or normal decorating for the Grand Exit. A Bride's Ride collaborated with car owners to create a super cute Decorating Kit that will not harm the car.

Stop by A Bride's Ride Shop to see our custom Decorating Kits. Each Kit includes a flower garland, letter garland, and two strings of cans to trail behind the car. Brides can choose from six varieties of flower garlands, can decorations and the following banners: Just Married, Love, Hitched, We Did It, Forever and I Do. (Note: We welcome custom requests.)

For Vintage Car Owners:
If you are a vintage car owner looking to list your vehicle for booking opportunities, please contact us. You must own your vehicle, and you must be the driver on the client’s wedding night. Proper insurance and driving documents are required before your advertisement can be approved. A booking assistant is available for hire if you need help keeping up with your clients. There is a one-time $50 fee for posting your vintage car.
A Bride’s Ride welcomes submissions which include photographs of your vintage car for blog coverage. Please send professionally photographed weddings to info at abridesride dot com.

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